First Aid provision at the STOMP concert in Theater of Vrahos

Τα σκηνικά αποτέλεσαν μέρος της παράστασης/ The scene was part of the performance Οι εθελοντές μας μετά την παράσταση οργανωμένοι σε υπαίθριο ιατρείο/ Our volunteers after the show, organized in a outdoor first aid center Οι εθελοντές μας με τους STOMP/ Οur volunteers with STOMP Οι τελευταίες στιγμές πριν πάρουμε θέση/ A few moments before the volunteers man their positions Επιβλέποντας το πλήθος για πιθανές ανάγκες/ Watching over the crowd for possible needs

 The spectators of Vraxos theater had the chance to enjoy a masterpiece of creativity. The rythms, the resourcefulness as well as the theatrical prominence of STOMP left their audience breathtaken. EPOMEA Egaleo, always present in every event of Vrahos Cultural Festival and with a number of eight volunteers and a fully organsed first aid station, came across very few medical incidents during the night.

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