Annual celebration for the New Year's Vasilopita tradition

Annual celebration for the New Year's Vasilopita tradition Annual celebration for the New Year's Vasilopita tradition Annual celebration for the New Year's Vasilopita tradition Annual celebration for the New Year's Vasilopita tradition

The annual celebration for the New Year's Vasilopita tradition was conducted with great success by EPOMEA Aigaleo and EPOMEA Athens at Athens Loft Chaidari event hall.
The event was honored with the presence of:

The Member of the Parliament of Ioannina Mr Amyras Georgios

The Member of Parliament, Mrs Kafantaris Hara

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior and Organization Mr. Stavrianoudakis Michael

Priest Haloulos Petros

Vice President of the Regional Unit of the Central Division of Athens Mr. Dimopoulos George

Attica District Executive Volunteer Advisor Mrs. Barbagianni Eugenia

The Head of the Athens  Mr. Chachlakis Anastasios

The Mayor of Aigaleo and the leader of the municipal political group "Alliance for Aigaleo" Mr. Gikas Ioannis

The representative of the Mayor of Athens Mr. Bakoyannis, Deputy Mayor of Urban Infrastructure and City Planning of the Municipality of Athens and Vice President of PEDA Mr. Axiotis Vassilios Fivos

The Deputy Mayor for Social Protection and Regulation of Business Activities in the Municipality of Egaleo Mr. Mandros Elias

Former Deputy Mayor of Clean Recycling & Civil Protection Aigaleo and Municipal Advisor to the "Aigaleo Regeneration" Mr Nikitakis Nikolaos 

The Aigaleo City Councilor, former Deputy Mayor, Head of the Aigaleo New Era line-up Mr. Sklavounos Lambros

Former Vice Mayor Aigaleo, Municipal Advisor of "Aigaleo New Era" municipal group, Mr. Dimomeletis Ioannis

Former Mayor of Egaleo Mr. Kalogeropoulos Dimitrios

The Executive Councilor of the Municipality of Korydallos for Health and Prevention and trainer of EPOMEA Mr. Zisis Nikolaos

The Commander of 206 PAY Brigade Commander Drosos Georgios

Lifeguard Officer - Deputy Commander of Mobile Air Force Teams Mr. Pervelis Panagiotis

Coroner and trainer of EPOMEA Dr. Alexandros Pantelis

The meteorologist and trainer of EPOMEA Mr. Arniakos Anastasios

The Lions Commander Subject 117 A Mrs Nikolaidou Efi

Former Lions Subject 117 Governor Mr. Liberis Constantine

The CEO of F&K Consultans and a partner of EPOMEA Ms. Korma Iliana

The team representatives of EPOMEA teams across Greece :
- The President of EPOMEA Greece and Thessaloniki Mr. Benakis Miltiadis
- The President of EPOMEA Kilkis, Dr. Moises Grigorios
- The President of EPOMEA Larisa, Mr. Batziolas Anastasios
- The Treasurer of EPOMEA Chania, Mr. Tomadakis Georgios.

The President of EPOMEA Aigaleo and Vice President of EPOMEA Greece Mr. Roumeliotis Georgios welcomed the participants to the event, thanking them for the support they have provided for so many years. Special mention was made to the members of the team, both present and absent, for the valuable assistance they offer voluntarily

Special thanks were given to the following sponsors:
Ioannis Zambelis, ISUZU Business Unit Manager
Dimitriou Alexiadis, Director of Battery and Tire Business Unit of Petros Petropoulos SA
Elias Theodorides with the ISUZU Authorized Workshop
Angelos Cuspas of ELFA Batteries
George Vardakaa of Intermare divers
Ioannis Myronakis of Chaidenemos SA, Graphic Arts
Ioannis Karaiskos of KARAISKOS Industrial tools
Chandakas Michael of Atlantis 105.2
Zamanos Panagiotis of the Athens Loft event hall
Dermetzoglou Bakeries for the sponsorship of New Year's Vasilopita

The President of EPOMEA Athens Mr. Harmantzis Nikolaos took the floor and welcomed the guests. He expressed the hope for the consolidation and longevity of the two groups, while the President of EPOMEA Greece thanked the two presidents and wished happy New Year for all the teams.
Priest Haloulos Petros blessed the Vasilopita and wished the activities of the two teams to be crowned with success in the following year. Honorary plaques were given to Mayor Ioannis Gikas and to the representative of the Mayor of Athens Mr. Axiotis Foivos. The debuty Mayor Mandros Elias and Nikitakis Nikolaos, City Councilor, also gave a brief speech. The head of the faction and city councilor, Sklavounos Lambros, councilor Dimomeletis Ioannis, former mayor of Aigaleo Kalogeropoulos Dimitrios and Executive Councilor Barbagianni Eugenia were also welcomed to give a brief speech.

For his contribution to EPOMEA's activities, the Mayor of Aigaleo Mr Gikas symbolically received a jacket of the official costume of EPOMEA. The Mayor thanked the Board of Directors and the members, for the honor and in recognition of EPOMEA's activities, the team received an automatic external defibrillator. The evening ended with the award of the Volunteers' diplomas, followed by a feast with food, music and dance.


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