October 16th : European Restart a Heart Day

October 16th : European Restart a Heart Day

There are many ways to help your fellow man. Some are complex, some simple. One, however, surpasses the others for one important reason: because it can save a life.

Proper application of CPR, knowledge of the survival chain algorithm and the proper use of an Automatic External Defibrillator, can be life-saving for a child, an adult, an elderly person, a colleague.

EPOMEA Egaleo offers certified training by ERC instructors (European Resuscitation Council) to ordinary citizens. Classes are held at our offices, after an open invitation.

Learn. Be aware. Train youself.

The European Restart a Heart Day was established by the European Parliament in 2012 and takes place on October 16th each year with the aim of raising public awareness, education and consequently, improving the percentage of patients surviving cardiac arrest.

Interested in becoming a rescuer? Click here
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